An MOT For Your Computers

The world of computing is fast paced and constantly developing to bring consumers greater power, flexibility and ease of use. 
By having an IT systems health check carried out you will gain an in depth understanding of the way your systems are configured, how they are performing and a detailed insight into what could be improved.
An experienced technician will visit your offices and analyse your network and IT systems from top to bottom. Everything can be covered including physical network topology, traffic and throughput, server and application performance and any security risks you may be exposed to. Your backup systems will be thoroughly scrutinised and recommendations made as to how best to protect your data from the effects of a disaster. You will also be invited to freely discuss any problems currently being experienced or things you would like to achieve moving forward, and these will be taken into account during our investigation.
A detailed report will be produced in a style that is both concise and easy to understand, outlining our findings together with recommendations. We will then hold a follow up meeting to explain any items that are unclear and discuss our suggestions in more detail.
An IT health check is often a good idea for companies considering a change of IT support partner, or just as a means of looking at their systems from a fresh angle.