Boot-up on the Amazon Firestick

Amazon’s closed system can be annoying
Remember back in the day when FireStarter was the apk of choice so you could have some level of control over your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire TV Box. It was a great little app but the great powers that be decided to block the apk because they weren't getting their ads revenue from users when they bypass the Amazon Fire home screen.
There is now an app that does a similar job and will bypass the Amazon home screen to launch your application of choice from boot. It's perfect for those that use their amazon device for Kodi or Appy and all you Amazon Fire TV sellers who want to boot in to your AVStream software.
It's so easy to set up and it doesn't completely stop the user from accessing the Amazon OS, in my opinion that makes it perfect.
Make Kodi or any app boot from start up on your Amazon Fire TV Stick
First of all you're going to need the app that makes it all possible.
Download AVS Fire Launcher here
  • Side load the AVS Fire Launcher to your Fire TV (click here to learn how to sideload)
  • Launch the AVS Fire Launcher App on your Amazon Fire TV.
  • Press OK to open up the app options.
  • Select the app you want to launch from boot and press OK.
  • Restart the Fire TV device in Settings > Device > Restart.
  • The Amazon Fire TV device will reboot and launch your chosen application.
Don’t panic
When your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Box reboots the Amazon home screen will start to load. It takes a second or two for the launcher to kick in so don't panic. If the user closes the auto launched application they will be able to access the Amazon default launcher so again, no need to panic. The user can easily remove the launcher or edit it's launch settings.
For me just just saves a few precious moment fumbling around to select the app, usually appy, that I always use and it will be the same for your users if your sell devices. It's all about making life that little be easier and this app certainly does that.